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Daniel Domingo Schweitzer is one of our youngest creators and a he represents a great international artistic promise. This German-born artist, now lives and works in Madrid.


He achieved his Fine Arts Degree at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where he completed his education with a Master in Artistic Production. Then he obtained an artist residence for Young Artists at the Antonio Gala Foundation, institution that completed its funds with his work.


He has been selected in numerous competitions in his short but intense career, such as Strip Art 2014, Mostra d’art jove d’Horta-Guinardó, the International Prize of Plastic Arts of Caja de Extremadura and representing “Ciutat Bella Oberta” in the Velázquez House (Madrid), among others. Also, he has been finalist in the FIBICC-RAF Awards.


His professional recognition has not stopped increasing thanks to its presence in numerous collective exhibitions and art fairs: Migration in Sala Ciento y pico (Madrid), the Contemporary art fair Marte (Castellon) or Piel de piedra in the Exhibition Hall Sumacarcer of Valencia, just to name a few examples.

” Thinking of space as plastic involves understanding the space as something that could shape, something that can be modeled. I understand that the body (the man with a spatial existence ) shapes that space. I try to reflect on this spatial existence from the specificity of image and visual languages ​​in order to generate new perspectives of constructing space considering the constant question of how do we create space? “
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