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Eduardo Nave is a Spanish artist born in Valencia in 1976. He is a Superior Technician of fine arts and design in photography by the Disseny School of Art in Valencia. In 2005 he founded, along with 13 other artists, a collection of contemporary photography NOPHOTO and the following year received the Arch and Revelation Photo Spain 06 award. He is a regular contributor to nationa and international media publishers.


He has received several several awards and grants for his Works including; the Fellowship of the college of Spain in Paris, the plastic arts of the “Marcelino Botín Foundation” scholarship, scholarship of the “Casa de Velázquez” plastic arts, the plastic arts “Collection CAM”, the la Caixa FOTOPRES grant scholarship prize “Authors in selection” Fotonoviembre (Tenerife), “FujifilmEuro Press Photo Awards” and the “Photographica 2010” prize of the Estampa fair.


He has done a huge number of solo and group exhibitions, those that stand out: “International encounters of photography in Arles (France), Canal de Isabel II (Madrid), Royal Academy of fine arts of San Fernando (Madrid), The Cervantes Institute (Paris), PhotoEspaña, (Madrid), international photography niennial of Tenerife, Kursaal (San Sebastián), Conde Duque (Madrid), Andulucian Centre of Photography, Cultural center of Spain (Lima)


He has also participated in numerous Contemporary art fairs such as ARCO (Madrid), DFOTO (San Sebastián), Madrid Foto, Maco (Mexico), ParisPhoto, PhotoLondon, CIGE (Beijing), KIAF (Korea), Preview (Berlin) and Next Art Fair (Chicago).


His works belong to important private collections and institutes such as the Museum of Spanish Photography, The Ministry of Culture, the Councils of Alcobendas, Madrid, Valencia, Murcia and Tenerife, The Ordóñez Falcó foundation, the Cartier-Bresson family, The Congress of Deputies, The Ministry of Industry, National Heritage, The Macelino Botín foundation, The 2nd of May Center, The Circa XX or DKV Collection among others.

“My personal projects deal with places where relevant events have occurred and the possibility of these places being able to keep memories.
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