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Irene Cruz is Spanish artist based in Berlin and is a promising young artist. She has a degree in advertising and public relations media. She studied a master’s degree specialising in conceptual photography and artistic creation at EFTI.


She has more than 70 exhibitions around the world and has won recognised prizes such as the runner-up of Fototalentos of Santander Bank. She also has works in important national and international collections.

“Through video art and my photo series I present women in different relationships with loneliness: exploration, desire and melancholy.” Everything is from a self-referential perspective as a result of my place in the world. I am interested in mystery, privacy, reflection, nature and landscape. I refrain from all personification so a face is rarely seen in my works. All of my artistic works refer to nature as “the everything” to which we all belong. Light is an important aspect in my pictures and I find inspiration in the refined blue light that surrounds the landscape in Northern Europe, which has led me there as a work place. I always shelter in the late or early sunsets, focusing on the preliminary (a position of an initial moment or process, or stand on both sides of the threshold). To be between tranquillity and concern, opposites that fade into each other. There are no limits. “Only pathways and bridges as everything flows.”
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