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Jorge Quijano is a Spanish artist (born in Leon, in 1973) settled in Ibiza  with a prolific career behind him. Doctorate in Arts through University of Paris and Master in Plastic Arts with the same institution, he also has a degree in Fine Arts with University of Salamanca.


Specialized in painting, Jorge Quijano´s work speaks on behalf of his talent and potential. As a result of this skills, he´s taken many awards and grants such as 16th BMW Painting´s Award with Honour Medal; San Marco´s Painting First Award, Barcelona “Talens” Grant, or Belgium Royale Académie de Beaux Arts “Erasmus-Socrates” grant, among many others.


His career is backed up with a wide range of individual publications, such as “Around the visible, the fugue in Fine Arts” (Akal Ed., Madrid 2014), “Interfaces- Identities” (Culture Institute of Leon Ed., Leon, 2005) and “Interference´s Metaphysics”: the Plastic Arts Destiny (Akal Ed). Moreover, some of his collective publications are “Aujourd’hui, la couleur” (Ed. La Sorbonne Publications,  2009), MUSAC Volume 2 (2005) and “Existences” exhibition (2007, MUSAC)


He´s been a collaborative teacher at Carlos III University, in Madrid.


Jorge Quijano has made prominent works ranging from individual to collective exhibitions, some of them with special glow, like Paris C.E.R.I.S.E. & ARTS, New York´s QCC Art Gallery, Moscow´s Nasolyanke Art Gallery, Amsterdam´s “Art I Move- HET Arsenaal, MUSAC (Contemporary Art Museum of Castilla y Leon) and Lisbon Espaço Interpress.


A bunch of museums, fundations and high art funds owns currently part of Quijano´s work, as MUSAC (Contemporary Art Museum of Castilla y Leon), Culture Institute of Leon, Caja Duero´s Foundation, Salamanca´s Council Contemporary Art Fund and Tales Foundation (Barcelona).

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